How Many Volumes of Tokyo Ghoul Are There (2022 Edition) (2024)

By the hands of the master mangaka, Sui Ishida, comes one very controversial yet extremely popular title – Tokyo Ghoul. The main reason why Tokyo Ghoul is considered controversial is because of its anime adaptation. Besides having one of the most popular anime openings you can find in the media, it is also infamous for not properly conveying the greatness of the series’ original format. Basically, compared to the manga, the anime adaptation is abysmal!

The manga series was a popular title that achieved great things, including a relatively big fanbase. When the anime adaptation was aired, the original fans expected it to be able to at least compete with its original source, and they quickly found themselves disappointed.

This, of course, caused the series to be misinterpreted as an edgy series, yet, once people finished the anime, many manga fans recommended that anime watchers read the manga instead.

This raised the popularity of the manga considerably, and many anime watchers decided to give the manga a chance, finding themselves surprised by the palpable differences between the two presentations. If you are like that and want to try Tokyo Ghoul’s manga, you might wonder, how many Tokyo Ghoul volumes are there? Well, thankfully, that question can be quickly answered, and I will do exactly that in this article!

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How Many Volumes of Tokyo Ghoul Are There?

As I said earlier, the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul pales in comparison to its manga because the author, Sui Ishida, has created a masterpiece that the anime couldn’t adapt properly.

Many people assume that Tokyo Ghoul falls under the shonen category, and it isn’t wrong to think that because it has many elements that you’d find in a shonen title. But in reality, it is a seinen manga series that is generally targeted at a more mature demographic.

But whatever the genre, this is one of those series that you have to read, irrespective of whether you have watched the anime adaptation or not. And if you have watched the anime adaptation, then you absolutely must read the manga to experience the masterpiece that is the story of Tokyo Ghoul.

So, how many volumes are there in Tokyo Ghoul? And how many chapters have been released so far?

The story of Tokyo Ghoul is divided into two parts – Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul :re. The first series, Tokyo Ghoul, has 14 manga volumes, while the follow-up series, Tokyo Ghoul :re, has a total of 16 manga volumes. And there are 143 and 179 manga chapters, respectively, in both series.

Unlike other series like One Piece or Naruto, the series isn’t super long. And since it is divided into two parts, reading it becomes much more manageable!

How Many Tokyo Ghoul Manga Box Sets Are There?

Since there are only a few manga volumes per part of Tokyo Ghoul, two manga box sets are available, one for each part of the story. You can purchase the first box set by clicking the link below and then get the next one once you are done reading it completely!

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A box set that includes all fourteen volumes of the original Tokyo Ghoul series. Includes an exclusive double-sided poster!

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Tokyo Ghoul Manga in Order:

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the completed manga series, so you won’t have to wait for a new chapter or volume to release. You can just pick up the manga and binge-read it whenever you want.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the available manga volumes across both series that make up the entire story of Tokyo Ghoul. So, let’s see how you can read the manga in order!

Tokyo Ghoul Manga Volumes:

Volume No.:Chapters:Release Date:
Volume 1Ch. 1-9February 17, 2012
Volume 2Ch. 10-19March 19, 2012
Volume 3Ch. 20-29June 19, 2012
Volume 4Ch. 30-39September 19, 2012
Volume 5Ch. 40-48December 19, 2012
Volume 6Ch. 49-58January 18, 2013
Volume 7Ch. 59-68April 19, 2013
Volume 8Ch. 69-79July 19, 2013
Volume 9Ch. 80-89October 18, 2013
Volume 10Ch. 90-100January 17, 2014
Volume 11Ch. 101-111April 18, 2014
Volume 12Ch. 112-121June 19, 2014
Volume 13Ch. 122-132August 20, 2014
Volume 14Ch. 133-143 + EpilogueOctober 17, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul: re Manga Volumes:

Volume No.:Chapters:Release Date:
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 1Ch. 1-9December 19, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 2Ch. 10-20March 19, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 3Ch. 21-31June 19, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 4Ch. 31.5-41September 18, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 5Ch. 42-52December 18, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 6Ch. 53-63March 18, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 7Ch. 64-75June 17, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 8Ch. 76-86September 16, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 9Ch. 87-98December 19, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 10Ch. 99-110March 17, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 11Ch. 111-122June 19, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 12Ch. 123-132July 19, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 13Ch. 133-144October 19, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 14Ch. 145-154January 19, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 15Ch. 155-164March 19, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul: re, Volume 16Ch. 165-179July 19, 2018

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What is Tokyo Ghoul Manga About?

Tokyo Ghoul has a very interesting premise and is filled with a dark atmosphere that surrounds its reader, amazing art, and incredible character development that not many series have managed to achieve.

At first, the series introduces Tokyo as being affected by the existence of Ghouls, beings that appear similar to humans in all ways but are much stronger and can only eat human flesh to survive. The main character, Ken Kaneki, an 18 years old college student, manages to meet a girl while all this is happening. The girl’s name was Rize Kamishiro, a beautiful girl who appears to share his passion for books, reading the same book Kaneki was reading.

Developing a romantic interest in her, Kaneki decides to invite her on a date, which seems to go fairly well until the point where Rize has to go home. Ken decides to accompany her until they eventually reach a dark alley, where Rize reveals herself as a ghoul and attempts to murder Ken to eat him. The whole ordeal happens near a construction site, however, and they are both affected by falling metal beams, leaving the two fatally injured.

To save Kaneki’s life, the doctors handling the situation decide to transfer one of Rize’s organs to him, turning him into a half-ghoul. During his recovery, Ken became unable to enjoy human food, which slowly drove him into a corner, unable to accept the fact that he was turning into one of the monsters that attempted to kill him.

During a walk to attempt to calm himself, Ken is confronted by someone as they bump into one another. The person quickly notices Ken’s eye is turned into that of a ghoul, and before the man makes a scene, he’s quickly murdered by another ghoul. This ghoul would later support Ken alongside a person who would teach him how to survive in human society as one of them.

The thing about Tokyo Ghoul is that it provides a considerably complex premise that introduces many characters to its fray, and the relationship between the characters showcases not only the side of humans but also of ghouls, their many struggles, and how they fight their natural enemies, ghoul hunters, and their own instincts.

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Tokyo Ghoul is one of those series that any manga enthusiast should read, especially since, sadly, its anime adaptation didn’t manage to develop the original series’ essence that well, leaving behind the deep feelings Ken went through throughout the series and how artistically some of the scenes were showcased.

No doubt, give the manga a chance if you watched Tokyo Ghoul’s anime and felt like it lacked something. Now that you know how many volumes of Tokyo Ghoul there are, slowly investing time and money into them will be much more doable.

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How Many Volumes of Tokyo Ghoul Are There (2022 Edition) (2024)


How many Tokyo Ghoul books are there 2022? ›

Browse all 14 volumes of Tokyo Ghoul manga, special edition boxed sets, and more at Barnes & Noble.

How many volumes does Tokyo Ghoul have in total? ›

About The Book

A box set that includes all fourteen volumes of the original Tokyo Ghoul series.

Is there 14 or 16 volumes of Tokyo Ghoul? ›

Book details

A box set that includes all fourteen volumes of the original Tokyo Ghoul series.

How many editions of Tokyo Ghoul are there? ›

At the time of this post, Tokyo Ghoul and its 14 volumes have been released with English translation in three formats: The individual volumes, which are collected in the manga box set, and the Tokyo Ghoul Monster Editions, which were released exclusively at Barnes and Noble.

How long would it take to read all of Tokyo Ghoul? ›

The average reader will spend 3 hours and 44 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Why did Tokyo Ghoul end so suddenly? ›

As Ishida carried on his lengthy spree, the writer said he prepared for six months to reach this ending. However, as it grew closer, the artist felt like he was about to collapse from all the pressure. After thanking his editor and staff, Ishida went on to thank all of his readers for sticking with him.

What volume does Tokyo Ghoul end? ›

The fourteenth and final volume of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

Is Tokyo Ghoul complete? ›

The Tokyo Ghoul manga series concluded its run on December 5, 2014 with its 14th volume. Why did the Tokyo Ghoul anime adaptation get ruined? Should I read the manga or just stick to the anime?

Is there a volume 15 in Tokyo Ghoul? ›

Tokyo Ghoul: re manga volume 15 features story and art by Sui Ishida. Trapped within the body of the monster he unwittingly transformed into, Kaneki is forced to reexamine his past as he struggles to regain consciousness.

What happens in volume 15 of Tokyo Ghoul? ›

Volume 15 continues the Kaneki rescue mission as he has a crisis of his own to deal with. The story starts where #14 left off as Mutsuki attempts to sabotage the rescue mission and re-awaken the Dragon. Thankfully, their former Quinx Squad members Urie and Saiko are on hand to try and stop their interference.

What happened to Kaneki in volume 14? ›

Kaneki was mortally wounded in the CCG attack on the Goat stronghold, and in his desperation to see Touka again, he gorges himself on the bodies of the Oggai. The sudden ingestion of this unusual fuel forces Kaneki into a terrible metamorphosis, the result of which poses a stark new threat to Ghouls and humans alike.

Can a 10 year old read Tokyo Ghoul? ›

For the anime, I would personally say 15+ because it's a little bit shounen-y and focuses on battles. If you're younger than 15 and have a better comprehension of human concepts and can tolerate gore, then go ahead (I said this because there are 12+ year old fans out there writing good fanfics of Tokyo Ghoul).

Which Tokyo Ghoul is best? ›

Accordingly, here is which anime is better between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re.
  1. 1 Tokyo Ghoul: Re: It Expands The Cast Beyond Kaneki.
  2. 2 Tokyo Ghoul: The Action Sequences. ...
  3. 3 Tokyo Ghoul: Re: The Stakes Are Higher. ...
  4. 4 Tokyo Ghoul: The World Is Mysterious And Unique. ...
  5. 5 Tokyo Ghoul: Re: Kaneki's Full Powers Get Unleashed. ...
Jul 20, 2020

What are the 4 types in Tokyo Ghoul? ›

There are four main types of kagune in the Tokyo Ghoul franchise: Rinkaku, Koukaku, Ukaku and Bikaku.

Is there an uncut version of Tokyo Ghoul? ›

The Blu-Ray and streaming sites have the uncensored version.

In what order are the Tokyo Ghoul novels? ›

Is Tokyo Ghoul still continuing? ›

Tokyo Ghoul:re ended with its second season in 2018, and it appears that, for now, that's the end of the franchise too. Sui Ishida brought the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga to a close with Chapter 179 in 2018, and with the end of the anime, there's no more of Ken's story to tell.

In which order should I read Tokyo Ghoul? ›

Tokyo Ghoul Manga Order!
  1. Tokyo Ghoul. 66 Chapters. Obviously, you should start with Tokyo Ghoul manga before you move on to the sequel since it is the original. ...
  2. Tokyo Ghoul: Joker. 1 Chapter. ...
  3. Tokyo Ghoul: re. 16 Volumes + Chapter 31.5 or 179 Chapters. ...
  4. Tokyo Ghoul: Jack. 7 Chapters.
Feb 6, 2021

Will there be a season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Tokyo Ghoul - Season 4" streaming on Funimation Now.


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