Top Cheer Bag Essentials (2024)

Cheerleading isn't just all glam and popularity. You've got to spend long hours practicing those high-v approaches and back handsprings, among many stunts. This means being in tip-top shape always, exercising, and eating well to stay flexible, strong, and energetic. Also, since cheering is a team sport, you'll need to go through ups and downs with the squad, literally and figuratively. And if there's one thing good cheerleaders absolutely need to have, it's confidence.

So how do you hold it together when cheerleading competitions (and even rehearsals!) can be physically and mentally challenging? With enough preps, of course! Ensure you've got everything covered with a fully kitted-up cheer bag. You're in luck, girl, because in this post, we'll help you list down the most indispensable items to include among your cheer bag essentials.

Top Cheer Bag Essentials

Be confident on your way to cheerleading finals with these all-star cheer bag essentials.

A for Anti-inflammatories

Cheerleading is now considered one of the more popular competitive athletic activities. And just like any other sport, it brings with it the risk of injury. All the twists, splits, and other gravity-defying moves can result in strains, especially on the lower back, hip, and groin areas. The good news is that you can treat most bodily hurts and pains with anti-inflammatory pain medication like Ibuprofen and Naproxen. This should complement your RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Choose anti-inflammatories according to your doctor's advice for your safety.

B for Bracing Material

Putting your act together takes planning and guts—plus some braces or tape. Keep these handy in your cheer bag in case you need additional support for your ankles, knees, or shins. Knowing you have them within reach anytime a painful emergency arises can help you stay focused in practice or while you're competing.

C for Cheer Gear

Cheer Shoes

The type of shoes you wear to practice will be critical to your performance, whether in a gymnasium or football field. Cheer shoes are flexible and ultra-lightweight to help you move with ease for optimal performance. More importantly, they are designed to reduce injuries and give you a more comfortable and secure footing. Cheerleaders in the know prefer white synthetic leather that's easy to clean and always looks neat and pristine. Keep a pair for your team performance and another identical one for your daily practices.

Cheer Uniform and Practice Clothes

Cheerleading is an intense sport. So wear breathable, comfortable tops, skirts, shorts, or leotards made of organic cotton. These can help you stay cool while executing the hottest dance moves.

D for unDerpants

Okay, that may seem a stretch, but that'll make it easier for you to remember bringing cheer underpants. With all the flipping and tossing you've got to do, you'd want to avoid unwanted exposure. Cheerleading briefs, spankies, or any such close-fitting clothing are cheer bag essentials that’ll keep the crowd surprised for the right reasons. Double down on your protection by wearing Ruby Love Period underwear with your cheer underpants. With or without a pad, this will give you maximum all-day protection during shark week.

E for Extras

Extra Elastics

Your hair can quickly come tumbling down and distract you as you perform cartwheels and doubles. So you typically keep your locks tied up in a ponytail, especially if you have long hair. But hair ties are tiny things that can easily get lost as you fly and tumble about. Keep your locks from spoiling your A-game by bringing a few extra hair ties and bobby pins in your cheer bag. These can keep your line of sight clear, which you'll need to stay safe. In addition, you'll also look much, much better without messy locks!

Extra Clothes

Throw a few extra sports bras, shirts, socks, shorts, or any piece of clothing you often use into your cheer bag. These can quickly become drenched with perspiration, especially during summer practice! Having an extra change of clothes will save you from the discomfort of going through your routines in sweaty clothing.

F for Fresheners

Sweat Towels and Face Wipes

Bring handy towels to wipe your hands and back with. You may also want to dry your hands before touching any of your cheerleader gear or accessories. Face wipes or moist towelettes are also a great way to invigorate and also protect your skin from breakouts.

Deodorant or Body Spray

You can't help but be physically close to your teammates while working out your acrobatic stunts and dance moves. Including some deo or body spray in your cheer bag will keep you constantly smelling fresh and clean. That's sure to keep your team spirit alive!

G for Glam Accessories

They may not seem like cheer bag essentials, but little flourishes can give you the extra lift to reach your level best. Make sure you've packed your team poms, glam makeup, glitter, and hair bows in your cheer bag to make your performance extra stylish. These will make your team stand out wherever your cheerleading competition may take you.

H for H2O

Your good 'ole H2O is critical for the human body, let alone that of a cheerleader. Water lubricates your joints and helps keep muscle cramps at bay. So, drink a glass of H2O every 15 to 20 minutes during practice to replace the fluids you lose when you sweat or pee. If your drill sessions last longer than 45 minutes, you may want to take low-sugar and low-sodium sports drinks with electrolytes to stay hydrated. Thus, it's super important to have your water bottle in your cheer bag at all times.

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As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide you with information on the concepts mentioned in the article.


Cheerleading is a sport that involves a combination of dance, gymnastics, and stunts performed by a group of cheerleaders to support and encourage a sports team or entertain an audience. It requires physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and teamwork. Cheerleaders often perform high-energy routines, including jumps, tumbling, and synchronized movements, to engage and motivate the crowd.

Cheer Bag Essentials:

The article mentions several essential items for a cheer bag. Here's a breakdown of each item:

A for Anti-inflammatories: Cheerleading involves various physical movements that can put strain on the body, particularly in the lower back, hip, and groin areas. Anti-inflammatory pain medication, such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen, can help treat strains and alleviate pain.

B for Bracing Material: Braces or tape can provide additional support for the ankles, knees, or shins during cheerleading activities. Having these items in your cheer bag can be helpful in case of a painful emergency.

C for Cheer Gear:

  • Cheer Shoes: Cheer shoes are designed to be flexible, lightweight, and provide optimal performance and safety. They can help reduce the risk of injuries and provide a comfortable and secure footing for cheerleaders.
  • Cheer Uniform and Practice Clothes: It is important to wear breathable and comfortable clothing made of organic cotton during cheerleading activities. This helps in staying cool and comfortable while executing intense dance moves.

D for Underpants: Close-fitting clothing, such as cheerleading briefs or spankies, are essential to avoid unwanted exposure during flips and tosses. They provide protection and ensure a professional appearance.

E for Extras:

  • Extra Elastics: Keeping extra hair ties and bobby pins in your cheer bag can help secure your hair during performances and prevent distractions.
  • Extra Clothes: It's recommended to have extra sports bras, shirts, socks, shorts, or any other frequently used clothing items in your cheer bag. This allows for quick changes in case of excessive perspiration during practice or performances.

F for Fresheners:

  • Sweat Towels and Face Wipes: Having handy towels to wipe your hands and back can help keep you dry and comfortable during cheerleading activities. Face wipes or moist towelettes can invigorate and protect your skin from breakouts.
  • Deodorant or Body Spray: Being physically close to teammates during workouts can make it important to have deodorant or body spray in your cheer bag to stay fresh and maintain team spirit.

G for Glam Accessories: While not essential for performance, little flourishes like team poms, glam makeup, glitter, and hair bows can add style and make your team stand out during cheerleading competitions.

H for H2O: Staying hydrated is crucial for cheerleaders. Drinking water every 15 to 20 minutes during practice helps replace fluids lost through sweat. For longer drill sessions, low-sugar and low-sodium sports drinks with electrolytes can be beneficial.

Confidence in Cheerleading:

The article mentions the importance of confidence in cheerleading. Confidence plays a significant role in performing well during cheerleading competitions and rehearsals. It helps cheerleaders stay focused, motivated, and resilient in the face of physical and mental challenges. While the article suggests various items to include in a cheer bag, it also mentions Ruby Love smart period apparel, which can provide comfort and confidence during a cheerleader's menstrual cycle.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

Top Cheer Bag Essentials (2024)


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