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Let’s compare Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is better in their prime? Popularly called O Fenômeno (“The Phenomenon”), and also nicknamed R9, Ronaldo Nazario is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time. So, which Ronaldo was better in their prime: CR7 or R9?

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima aka R9 was unplayable in his prime, he carried Barcelona/inter/Real Madrid and also won the World Cup whereas CR7 mostly relies on penalties/set pieces to make his mark; Cristiano needs a whole team built around him in order to have impact, a lot of fan bases fail to realize that when CR7 joined Madrid, they only won the league twice.

Compare them where it’s comparable. R9 and CR7 have both played for La Liga giants Real Madrid. Remember that when Brazilian Ronaldo played there, Real also had a much better team with Golden Ball winners Zidane and Figo, yet Cristiano too broke records and won multiple champions league titles while there.

For R9, We never even got to see his prime because of his injuries, but the peak performance we saw at such a young age was phenomenal. His nickname was well earned. The things Ronaldo Nazario was doing at the ages of 19 and 20 are humanly impossible for any other player (not even Messi and Cristiano can repeat his skills).

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is Better in Their Prime? - SportsFila.Com (1)

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is Better in Their Prime?

Differences between R9 vs CR7

  • Like Brazil legend Ronaldinho, R9 is a gifted genius, while CR7 is a hard working genius
  • Unlike CR7, R9 could score many goals without waiting for the ball in the box or scoring pens.
  • Remember R9’s effortless hat trick at OT. He can score at any angle
  • CR7 compensates this with a never give up attitude and poaching
  • We all know how Ronaldo was neutralized by Gattuso when he faced Milan back during the Milan glory days. R9 faced prime Nesta, Maldini, Costacurta, Ferrara, Thuram etc…. Easy choice and he scored 40 against those monsters.
  • R9 played against defensive monsters in Serie A in the 90’s and early 2000’s which was stronger than the Premier League today.
  • Ronaldo Nazario’s nickname is Il Fenomeno. Enough said. His combination of skill, speed and strength is unmatched to this day, his injuries robbed us of his greatness.
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CR7 and R9 are 2 different players.

There are 7 football legends of all time: Pele, Maradona, Zidane, R9, Ronaldinho, Messi and Cristiano BUT neither one can do what another player can do. They are all amazing in their own way.

However, If I had to choose who has had the most perfect career, discipline, and example to the game, I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s been the most Professional footballer out of all.

Is Ronaldo CR7 better than Brazilian Ronaldo?

Two of the greatest football players in history share the ‘Ronaldo’ name but opinions are split as to which one was superior. But according to Christian Vieri, Ronaldo Nazario was way better than Cristiano Ronaldo despite the Portuguese superstar winning five Ballon d’Ors and scoring over 800 career goals.

How is Cristiano Ronaldo a better player than Ronaldo Nazario R9?

Still playing actively at 37-years-old, Cristiano Ronaldo has a longer career, his prime was more spread out but R9 peaked higher. Absolutely unstoppable on his day, it was too bad injuries took him away from the game much like MVB.

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Both Ronaldo Nazario and CR7 are amazing magical strikers. R9 had 247 goals in 343 appearances· This gives him a goal per game ratio 0.72 · CR7 has more than 800 goals in over 1000 appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is Better in Their Prime? - SportsFila.Com (2)

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is Better in Their Prime?

Why did R9 retire?

By the age of 23, Ronaldo Nazario R9 had scored over 200 goals for his club and country Brazil, however after a series of knee injuries and recuperation, he was inactive for almost three years. … He had spells at AC Milan and Corinthians before retiring in 2011 having suffered further injuries.

Who owns Real Valladolid?

Answer: R9. On 3rd September 2018, it was announced that Brazilian former international footballer Ronaldo Nazario R9 had become the majority shareholder after purchasing a 51% controlling stake in La Liga club Real Valladolid .

Born on September 22, 1976, R9 age is 45 years (as of 2021).

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Mikael Silvestre ranks R9 above Man Utd legend CR7

Former Red Devils defender Mikael Silvestre considers legendary Brazilian striker R9 to have been a more fearsome forward than five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cr7.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not as fearsome as his Brazilian namesake, says former Manchester United team-mate Mikael Silvestre, with the Portuguese considered to have “three or four tricks” while R9 was “something different”.

Ex-France international Silvestre played alongside both of the Ronaldos during his distinguished career, with a spell at Serie A giants Inter preceding a switch to Old Trafford.

In his eyes, a legendary World Cup-winning South American from the past tops a five-time Ballon d’Or winner of the present.

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  2. Ronaldo Nazario (R9): Ronaldo Nazario, also known as Ronaldo R9 or O Fenômeno, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer. He is considered one of the greatest strikers in the history of the sport. Ronaldo played for clubs like Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He was known for his incredible speed, skill, and goal-scoring prowess.

  3. Comparison of CR7 and R9: The article discusses the comparison between CR7 and R9 in their prime. It highlights some differences between the two players, such as their playing styles and the teams they played for. It also mentions the impact of injuries on Ronaldo Nazario's career.

  4. Prime Performance of R9: The article emphasizes the exceptional performance of Ronaldo Nazario at a young age, describing it as "phenomenal." It suggests that his skills and abilities were unmatched, even by players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

  5. Goal-Scoring Records: The article mentions the goal-scoring records of both players. Ronaldo Nazario had 247 goals in 343 appearances, giving him a goal per game ratio of 0.72. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored over 800 goals in over 1000 appearances.

  6. Opinions on Who is Better: The article presents different opinions on who is better between CR7 and R9. It mentions that opinions are split, and some individuals, like Christian Vieri and Mikael Silvestre, consider Ronaldo Nazario to be superior.


In conclusion, the article compares Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Ronaldo Nazario (R9) in their prime. It discusses their playing styles, goal-scoring abilities, and the impact of injuries on Ronaldo Nazario's career. Opinions on who is better vary, with some considering Ronaldo Nazario to be superior. However, both players are recognized as exceptional talents in the world of football.

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Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 vs Ronaldo Nazario R9: Who is Better in Their Prime? - SportsFila.Com (2024)


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